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  1. My name is H.Dinero. I would like to submit some music from an artist I represent.
    His name is Lerix and he recently released a album titled “It’s a (w)Rap!” His style is lyrical and progressive, reminiscent of the “golden era” of hip hop. If you have time to review the album I’m sure you will like what you hear.

    He’s gaind alot of buzz localy in his home town Brookln and we would love it if you can help us expand on his buzz
    he is going

    I provided a link to the single currently being promoted off the album, “Don’t quit your day job”, which will be featured on DJ ishine’s upcoming mixtape, he’s also been invited for an interview on his show.

    I also included a zshare and datpiff web link to his music.

    You can contact me anytime at this email address or on my cell at # (347)-737-7777

    Thanks for your time.

    The Bloq Association Music Group

    Song – Don’t quit your day job (
    Album – It’s a (w)Rap! (
    Datpif –
    Myspace –

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